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20 января 2020 в 03:27 60

Just wondering

Do you have any house plants? Are they locted throughout the house or mostly in one room? What would you be growing right now if you could?

18 января 2020 в 16:47 60

Well, that was interesting... or not

Have you ever gone to a show (meaning theater) or even a movie, and wondered if you were watching the same thing as everyone else? Last night we went to see Dear Evan Hanson. Evan is a young man with social anxiety who thinks...

16 января 2020 в 21:13 69

Just when you think it can get any stranger at work.

I rolled up this morning and saw that our hose had been uncoiled and water was trickling from it. There was a pile of sopping wet clothes and a well-worn copy of Jack off magazine. (Yes, it really is real. Two young ladies were doing things to...

16 января 2020 в 03:24 51

Just wondering

What would your perfect kitchen look like? What would your perfect library look like? What would your perfect bathroom look like?

15 января 2020 в 03:30 64

Just wondering

What song do you play most often? If pressing a button meant you received 5 million dollars but it also killed 5 people somewhere in the world, would you press it? What is the most uplifting thing happening in the world right now?

14 января 2020 в 20:43 61
Guess who came to visit!

Guess who came to visit!

I can't believe how big he's getting! Moe, not CJ, that is...

14 января 2020 в 03:43 61

Just Wondering

Were you ever a fan of Pop Rocks Do you have a favorite flavor of Pop Tarts? What was the neatest prize you ever found in a Cracker Jack box?

14 января 2020 в 00:08 59

Oh, Monday, shoot me now...

It doesn't always have to be a Friday for it to be the 13th all day long. The morning didn't start out badly, but on the way to taking TBG to work this morning, I nearly hit a cat. Then on the wayhome, I saw a...

11 января 2020 в 18:39 66

Hello, Saturday!

Made it through my blood draw and I don't even have a bruise to show for it. I love the place I go. It's clean, fast and the folks there are a hoot. It's more of a fun experience than a burden. Best of al, they...

11 января 2020 в 00:22 51

The Friday Five for 20 January 2020: Words

anais_pf in The Friday Five asked: 1. How much slang do you use? 2. What are your favorite words? 3. How much do you curse? 4. What makes a great conversation? 5. How often do you have "deep discussions?" 1. Depends...

10 января 2020 в 18:56 76
But why?
10 января 2020 в 03:31 85

Just wondering

From yesterday's fubar, Did you ever do this? Did you ever own a mood ring? Did you ever collect any of these things?

9 января 2020 в 03:49 66

Just wondering

Do you know what this is? Ever play with these guys?

8 января 2020 в 17:27 58

Mid week - finally

A man walks into a bar and is carrying his pet salamander with him. He sits down and the bartender can't help but noticing them. "So, tell me, buddy, what's his name?" "Tiny," the man replies, carefully stroking Tiny's head. "Why do you call him Tiny?"...