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14 мая 2021 в 22:56 52
Orlando - Day 4

Orlando - Day 4

I officially crashed today, so much so that TBG went out shopping with W & R and I stayed in the room. Too much swimming and walking had seriously pissed off my back and legs, so I though a bit of a rest would be good before we went to...

13 мая 2021 в 17:16 57
Orlando – Day 3

Orlando – Day 3

Today we slept in a bit as M had to fly to God’s Country. It gave us some wiggle room nd then R & W came over to join us at the hotel for breakfast. The hotel is nearly empty, so we didn’t have to wait too long for service...

12 мая 2021 в 23:13 52

Day 2 Orlando

The day started at 6 a.m. so that we could join our friends for breakfast. Even though we don’t have room service, at least there was coffee in the room. It helped. We got breakfast taken care of and M headed out for work, leaving R and...

11 мая 2021 в 21:07 54

Day – 1 in transit

Woke up the usual time and hurried to get everything ready to go before TBG got up. He dragged himself out of bed at 4 a.m. and it was a mad dash after that. Go Paul from the drive service was there early and got us up to...

11 мая 2021 в 17:41 98

Good thoughts, please

It looks like it’s time for one of our outside cats to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Of course he had to wait until now. Our pet sitter has taken Meanie to the vet. He was hurt in a fight last week and I couldn’t catch him. This morning she was...

8 мая 2021 в 02:29 53

Just wondering

Did you have a 'spooky old tree' when you were growing up? When was your last eye exam? Were you ever nabbed for spelling something naughty with magnetic letters?

7 мая 2021 в 17:25 54
Wow, Friday already.

Wow, Friday already.

Read at your own risk! So, Wednesday we went shopping and picked up 30 pounds of potatoes and six pounds of chopped onions, along with putting gas in the card and taking care of a few odds and ends around the house. At noon, we headed to...

7 мая 2021 в 14:21 68
5 мая 2021 в 15:30 66

I can clearly see it in my rearview mirror...

I keep meaning to update, but this week has totally gotten away from me. By my reckoning, it should be Monday afternoon… Today we ended up driving to Sacramento on the spur of the moment to go to IKEA. TBG had seen this cat tube on Jun’s...

4 мая 2021 в 02:05 52

Just wondering

If you were going to publish a book based upon your weekend, what would you title it? Do you routinely flub up jokes? Have you ever folded napkins?

1 мая 2021 в 16:36 59

The Friday Five on a Saturday...

1) What's the furthest place you've traveled to in the last 12 months? 2) What's the most interesting small town within driving distance? 3) What's the coolest tourist attraction in your city? 4) What was your favorite road trip you took as a kid? 5) How...