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18 декабря 2017 в 03:01 38

Just wondering

Do you, personally, feed a cold and stave a fever? When you don't feel well, do you want to be left alone or pampered? Would you rather have the cold or a stomach flu?

17 декабря 2017 в 01:22 33

I posted this over in the Canteen and thought I would share

Titan is on ornament patrol. That's his favorite one - a little polar bear. Jenny is making sure the list has been checked twice. Patachou is making sure the rug stays in place

15 декабря 2017 в 15:29 37

The Friday Five for December 15, 2017

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! 1. What are your feelings about snow? 2. What is the one thing you really dislike that is associated with snow 3 What is the one thing you really like that is associated with snow 4. Do you...

15 декабря 2017 в 13:49 36
Tis the season

Tis the season

for some seriously scary food. A hostess tree? I much prefer a bottle of wine...

14 декабря 2017 в 15:25 51

25 Days of Christmas meme

Day 14 - Real or artificial tree? We have always had a real tree and as long as TBG is up to it, we will go and cut our own. I blame my druid roots, but I love have a tree in the house. Strangely enough, so...

14 декабря 2017 в 03:08 40

Just wondering

When was the last time you made a snowman(woman, cat, whatever,)? When was the last time you threw a snowball at someone? Where is your favorite place to be in the winter (interpret this as you will)?

13 декабря 2017 в 20:39 32
Calvin & Hobbes
13 декабря 2017 в 03:26 44

Just wondering

So, we had a visit from Mr. Skunk at some point late Sunday night and the bastard sprayed my front porch. It reeks to high heaven. Have you ever had anything sprayed by a skunk? What did you do to get rid of the smell? What...

12 декабря 2017 в 15:14 56

25 Days of Christmas meme

12 Wrapping paper or gift bags? Hands down, gift bags. I hate wrapping presents...

12 декабря 2017 в 03:20 50

Just wondering

Do you like nachos? If so, what do you put on them? What do you think about astrology? What sign are you?

11 декабря 2017 в 17:48 69


Just when I thought I'd seen pasta in every shape possible, I bring you: I wonder where I can find me a couple of boxes for my next dinner party...

10 декабря 2017 в 15:41 32

25 Days of Christmas meme

Day 10 - Favorite holiday scent Hands down, the sweet, sweet smell of fresh pine, be it from the tree, the boughs or the wreaths. The smell of scented candles, air fresheners, etc. just isn't the same. I adore going downstairs and having that smell greet me in the...

10 декабря 2017 в 14:51 41

Where did Saturday go? And Friday, too, while you're at it.

Seriously, where did yesterday go? The whole thing was a blur. I started the day by finishing off another 12 Days of Fic - down to just three now :D and made my rum cakes. Boy, did that make the house smell good! TBG...

8 декабря 2017 в 19:11 33

I can't remember the last time this happened.

Okay, so we have all talked about customer service and how awful it has become. I wish to offer an excellent experience I have this morning with Wine Country Baskets. I have used them for seven years and always found them to be good value for the money...

8 декабря 2017 в 03:02 38

Just Wondering

Would you rather never be able to eat warm food or never be able to eat cold food? Would you rather be stuck on a broken ski lift or in a broken elevator? What fad do you wish would come back? Which do you feel should stay gone...