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4 марта 2021 в 03:26 67

Just wondering

How's the short term memory these days? What are your feelings about waterfalls? Do you own a globe or a world map?

3 марта 2021 в 19:28 58

There's a man's crotch outside my window.

Seriously... they are putting up the scaffolding for the second floor and my window is crotch level. This might be an okay day after all...

3 марта 2021 в 03:10 63

Just wondering

Do you prefer wind chimes that make noise or those that really do not? Are you honest with your age? What sort of a thermometer do you use?

2 марта 2021 в 23:24 62
We have a balcony!

We have a balcony!

I slept like crap last night, so this morning I decided to get a quick nap. I knew something was going on outside, but ignored them. Woke up to this. The plastic is to protect it from the scaffolding on the other side Eventually , it will...

1 марта 2021 в 03:50 73

Just wondering

Do you like/have you grown succulents? Did you ever want to run away and join a circus when you were a kid (or even an adult)? What would your act have been?> What are you feelings on gargoyles? Do you remember the cartoon?