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22 марта 2018 в 02:25 43

Just wondering

Is there a task around the house or office that bores you to tears? (I'm looking up and cross referencing names - yawn) Is there a task around the house or office that should bore you to tears, but doesn't? (Yeah, I like filing) I'm lifting this...

21 марта 2018 в 14:38 51

Happy Family

The Boy sent me this last night. this is what I call a happy family, indeed. This was from our room last month in SF

21 марта 2018 в 02:10 58

Just wondering

How much does advertising (both print and media) influence you? (Not too much, actually.) Do you think that advertising prescription drugs on the TV has had a bad influence on people? (You have no idea. I think it's wrong, wrong, wrong) What commercial has remained stuck...

21 марта 2018 в 01:06 34
20 марта 2018 в 19:00 31
Which Disney Cat are You?

Which Disney Cat are You?

I got: Rajah You are certainly the kind of cat who likes the finer things in life. Although you may have posh tastes, you’re far from a snob. Highly protective of those you love, you're the best friend a person could want. Because you're a...

20 марта 2018 в 14:25 41
Good morning, Spring!
20 марта 2018 в 02:30 74

Just wondering

Do you prefer your clothes tight or loose? Do you prefer your shoes stylish or comfortable? Do you missing dressing up for the theatre or a fancy restaurant? Bonus question: When was the last time you had dinner and there was an orchestra providing dance music?

20 марта 2018 в 01:27 43
Yeah Mondays are just like this
20 марта 2018 в 00:51 44

Well, at least Monday is nearly over.

Today has been the longest day. There is no reason for it. There was stuff to do, but it was less than exciting. I was sleepy, even though I slept well last night. All the chores got accomplished, more or less. Cats are fine, more...

19 марта 2018 в 02:30 51

Just wondering

What's your personal image of God? If someone gave you the power to save just one animal species on earth, which would it be? Do you think the best part of your life has already happened?

18 марта 2018 в 02:36 74

Just wondering

Are you the peacekeeper in the family? Do you have any brothers or sisters? How many? If you are an only child, do you wish you had sibling? If not, do you ever wish you were an only child?

17 марта 2018 в 00:19 86

And this is yet another reason why I prefer cats to people

My Big Guy is one of the kindest and best natured people that I know of. He bends over backward to help strangers, he's always there to help his friends and he rarely says no. So when he comes in all stressed out and angry, I know there...

16 марта 2018 в 14:49 45
What were they thinking?

What were they thinking?

Velveeta and jelly? A world of no

16 марта 2018 в 14:06 61

The Friday Five for March 16, 2018

Since we are so close to St. Patrick's Day, how about a bit o' the Irish today? 1. Are you Irish? 2. Do you like Guinness? 3. Do you know what the symbol of Ireland is? 4. Have you ever watched Father Ted? 5. ...