Murphy is alive and well

, 11 августа 2017 в 16:39
and apparently hiding in my couch. For those who might not know, I have Degenerative spondylolisthesis and basically it means my back is garbage. I've had two surgeries for it and about eight inches of steel plates, screws and cages holding my back in place. I tell you this not as a plea for sympathy or to whine. It's just as it is. Some days it's fine and other days, not so fine. My complain, with reference to my subject line, why are the bad days always on my freaking days off?! It was fine yesterday and the day before that and so on... today, not so much. Just once, I'd love for it to not hurt on the weekend. Just once... sigh

Things haven gotten interesting at work. Apparently the board is bringing in an independent bookkeeper to go over Sceona’s work (where they got the money is beyond me). Yesterday she was trying to catch up on a year’s worth of work (she failed). She gave me some stuff to do and I took care of it. I was also careful not to point out that she had done this to herself and I felt no sympathy for her or her plight. Outside, I was all professional, but inside I was doing my ‘told you so’ happy dance. I may go over in a little bit and finish up on a project I started yesterday – and shift the time to next Thursday when we are leaving for the bunkhouse. We will have to see what happens. If one wants to dance, one must pay the piper. Sceona had mentioned that she was looking for a full time job, this might just speed up the situation.

This weekend we are packing for the bunkhouse. Our friends are flying out from Florida to spend next week(four days) with us. TBG is over the moon excited. It's all he talks about. he never used to be a planner other than making sure the proper reservations were in place, now he's down to the minutia. It's making me just a bit crazy (or some would argue crazier). I'm all for planning, but I'm just afraid if something doesn't happen the way he's planned for it, that he will be upset or disappointed. I mean, crap happens. Hopefully, it won't totally derail him.

And enough of that, I hope everyone here has a fabulous day and that life will be kind to you. Remember to be kind back.