Well, that was a week...

, 12 января 2018 в 22:53
I was hoping that 2018 would be all shiny goodness. Not so much. Not only did work decide to cut our Monday holiday along with our sick leave, yesterday our rental manager came over and asked for our rent. We've been here nearly 30 years and never been late once. I called TBG and he confirm when it was written the number and the manager decided to check around the office as it hadn't been deposited. Come to find out, he had it all along. Good grief.

Yesterday, the finance VP came in and fussed over QuickBooks for an hour with Araceli and somehow managed to not say a single word to me except to demand the bank statements from the following year. I got them. No thank you, no nothing. She was going on and on about how Sceona messed things up. I was telling anyone who listened this and no one wanted to hear me, not even my friends. Sceona walked on water. Until she didn't. Now I have to admit taking some pleasure in listening to them bemoan all the extra work they are having to do because of her. Two more years, just two more years...

Jeff and Barb have taken off for India. I hope they have a good and safe trip. It's not some place that I would care to visit, but they have pretty much been everywhere else when the compare notes. it will be a quiet three weeks with them gone.

We are super duper foggy today but it beats the weather some of rest of country is suffering with. Be care out there!