I'm almost glad it's Tuesday

, 13 февраля 2018 в 17:50
Oh, boy, there are some days that you can't win for losing. It didn't help that sleep decided it wasn't going to happen (there are some symptoms about menopause that last way too long), so I was running on about four hours of sleep, after a full day of travel and all that crap.

We 'forgot' some groceries items, i.e. TBG didn't put stuff on the list when he was making it out, so I started the day by going to the grocery store, but first I needed to empty out the guest bathroom on the first floor. TBG broke the flush mechanism when he got home on Sunday, so I had to call Maintenance to come in and repair it - however, it's a small space, so I needed to remove the cat box, trash can, magazine holder, area rug, and small table before anyone could get to the toilet to repair it.

Did the shopping and got to work. My desk wasn't bad, which was a pleasant surprise. There wasn't much to do in my In box, mostly it was just piles on the desk. but that was okay. I filed and did some correspondence. I also remembered to stop over at the complex office and asked them to repair the toilet.

Then Araceli arrived and the complaining started. She's always done this, but since becoming BM, it's gotten much worse. Of course, this is stuff I used to complain to her about (Brian double dipping his hours, putting down OT with approval, etc.) and she never did more than bat an eyelash. Now that she's in charge of the money, she doesn't like it one bit. Nor does she like the fact that Dennis tends to let the shop buy whatever they want. Yesterday, it was a new laptop for the sound booth that Craig needed. They have one upstairs, but that's needed up there... this is on top of a $4500 lightboard, also Craig. he is drained us dry and no one seems to care.

She had a bad experience with the outside event this past weekend - not a surprise, this is never a good experience, mostly due to a total lack of organization on the part of the Miss San Joaquin pageant staff. She went on about that for a while and complained about the billing and asked how she should do this or that.

Okay, so the paychecks are finally ready and I'm told I need to take them out to Jay's - except it's my lunch time. Jay's is from one to two, so guess who got to work her lunch hour taking checks out to be signed?

Thankfully, the afternoon sort of evened out for a bit, although one of our volunteers gave creditor our phone number and their robot keeps calling and threatening us with legal action. Yeah, not loving that.

I pick up TBG and manage to get home without incident to discover that my toilet has been fixed. Yay! I pick up the area rug to put it down and discover that some cat has peed all over it. "Let's get out the rug cleaner and clean the rug! Oh, and the kitchen one... and the hallway one... Yeah... yay, me. So that's what we did for an hour after work. The cats were grumpy because I didn't feed them right off the bat, but I knew they would be gone the minute the rug cleaner came on.

After that, I was finally able to change out of my work clothes and start on dinner. I made a recipe posted by a_boleyn and it was very yummy, but a little intense because TBG decided he was going to cook, too, and was working on his own stuff. At times, our kitchen is very small.

After dinner, we went for a walk, which helped me to clear my head and then watched the first half of a movie. There were nothing hugely wrong with Monday, it was just like being pecked to death by ducks.

Good things that happened, I got a lovely package from duckys_lady and she sent me Spam chapstick (love it) and some pralines. I got a copy of When Marnie was There and it was payday. Dinner was yummy, I remember to cancel my doctor's appointment, and I had a nice chat with sparky955.

Now if only today wasn't Tuesday... And people ask me why I drink...