No, weekend, come back

, 15 апреля 2018 в 15:31
Sorry about not being around much this weekend, as allergies nailed me on Friday. It was spent coughing and hacking to the point of not being able to attend Finding Neverland. It was the show I wanted to see the most, but I couldn't impose my coughing and hacking on the audience or our friends. Instead, I spent the night curled up with a blanket, some Chinese take out (this was another bummer because we were going to my favorite restaurant in Sacramento, DeVry's, upon my request) and the TV.

Despite that, chores were accomplished. Pye's inappropriate wetting now includes TBG's beanbag and he hit the roof. He was ready to toss her out Thursday night. By Friday, he'd cooled down, but something had to be done. It made sense to make an appointment with the vet to rule out and UTI or bladder issues, then replaced the Tidy Cat litter in the downstairs box with Dr Elsey’s Cat Attract Litter. It's expensive, but it does seem to work. In fact, it seems to be the only box any of the cats want to use now. Of course, that box has always been the heavily used one. Also got some 'No Pee' spray and a heavy duty urine removal cleaner. And did about five loads of laundry...

Saturday there was less wind, that meant less coughing. We had breakfast, then did our grocery shopping. There was just enough time to put everything away before it was time to scoop Pye up and take her to the vet's. Everything seems okay, but the test results won't be back until Monday. However, there were no accidents Friday or Saturday. This might also have to do with the fact that the cats have had free in/out access both days. Pye wasn't happy, but she readily forgave us.

It was time for lunch (a quick rigatoni and sausage dish), then it was naps all around and a perusal some of the Venice travel books Jeff had loaned us. Dinner was barbecued ribs (first roasted slow and low in the oven with a rub, then tossed on the barbecue with De Kine barbecue sauce) and Hawaiian potato salad. Dessert, TBG thought outside the box and made fruit tarts, but instead of pie dough, he used tortillas and filled them with lemon curd, blueberries and bananas. It was really good.

I was worried that finding sleep would be hard, but I went down and didn't stir from eight until four this morning (and no potty breaks). Still coughing a little, especially when first getting up, but the wind is calm. The birds are singing and the outside cats are waiting for breakfast.

Hope everyone is having a less challenging weekend.