McConnell vs. Bannon

, 13 ноября 2017 в 21:51
McConnell on Moore: 'I believe the women,' Moore should go
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell believes the allegations against Alabama Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore and that Moore should leave the race, the Kentucky Republican said Monday.
"I believe the women, yes," McConnell told reporters in Kentucky.
McConnell, the Senate's top Republican and a frequent target of Moore on the campaign trail, said, "I think he should step aside."
Мор на это ответил следующим твитом: Но мне тут больше интересен Бэннон, а не Мор. Продолжит ли Бэннон поддерживать Мора до самого конца? Сегодня, вроде, еще одна женщина должна выступить с обвинениями против Мора.

Update: Эта "еще одна женщина" -- Beverly Yound Nelson.

Allred says Beverly contacted her after the WaPo story came out; Allred's spoken with her mother and sister.

Nelson describing how Roy Moore offered to drive her home one night, and drives her to the back of the restaurant instead, and parked his car b/w the dumpster and the restaurant. "I was alarmed, I asked him what he was doing" says he began groping her putting hands on breasts.

Nelson says Moore had locked the car door when she tried to get out. Says that Moore squeezed her neck and began forcing her head down on him. "I had tears running down my face..." She is crying now.

Nelson: "At some point he looked at me and said you are just a child and I am the District Attorney...if you tell anyone about this no one will ever believe you" at that point she said he opened the door.
P.S. Адвоката, Глорию Алфред Олред, я терпеть не могу, еще с тех времен, когда я смотрел Fox News. Not that it matters, просто хочу отметить этот факт.

P.P.S. More than 50 Alabama pastors sign letter supporting Roy Moore